Maria Henneberry Studio

Creativity Meets Inspiration & Voila!

Welcome to a site about being and moving forward at pivotal painful moments when you could otherwise disengage, turn off, and shut down.

There are times your reserve is spent and you have few, if any, tools left to navigate challenges.

This site reflects my process and progress. I think my way through life and I feel, too - deeply. Since you are here - I bet you do too.


Books To Be Better

We want to share. However, shutting down fearing shame and judgment is common. We often spend energy keeping people out rather than sharing experiences. I've found people shun our grief at times because it's all they can do to hold their own. What a hard way to live. Despite social media updates, we need each other in person. I share trials and triumphs in hope it adds comfort and purpose to the collective conversation in our day to day yearning for connection.  I urge you to share your story too.

Handmade Inspiration

Words are the starting point of my original, one-of-a-kind wearable and usable creations. I never know when I start where I'll end up with my hands, art supplies, and imagination. That's the beauty of art. Every item I make is its own experience making each special by its very nature. I invite you to browse often, as I never know when a moment will take me and I'll create something new. I 'art' feelings and hope you feel yourself in my work. Only good can come from surrounding yourself with thought-provoking ideas.

We Are Our Thoughts

We hear we are energy. Positive attracts positive. Negative attracts negative. However, that doesn't mean the tough and painful won't happen to us when we feel positive and vibrant. It does. We're human - all of us. Hurts often strike when least expected. Life blows can shake us to our very core. When those experiences jar us more awake than we think we are already, that's called opportunity. I share ideas for navigating restless lonely times. We each have them if we're strong enough.  Step #1: Get curious.