5-When A Voice Gets Its Wings

5th of 6 parts

I’ve been asked a few times if this process of writing a book has been therapeutic. I want to continue this thought process to help others considering sharing their writing – as I’m guessing looking at ourselves is one of the hardest parts of being willing to write about our experiences. As for being therapeutic…  I’d say cathartic instead. It was a release of several awareness I’ve lived with from my personal experiences mixed with vast learning over the years.

Sharing personal stories has been fascinatingly helpful to me in a way I didn’t expect. That’s, in part, because my initial focus for getting this book done was first and foremost – being tired of dragging around a plan from decades ago to write my damn book.

It’s good to use my voice. My primary desire is wanting to share a smidge of what I’ve observed and learned over the years to benefit others. That’s the catalyst for my book, 9 Word Rethink To Get On With Life.

If we don’t use our skills to help those around us, aren’t we just consumption machines? I’ve always seen it that way. I’m not in huge company on this idea I don’t think as I’ve realized over the years. Many people are content consuming, consuming, consuming. I consume, too…but I’m not motivated by it, it is not the place I find my fuel for life, and I see the perils as clearly as I see the benefits.

I write. I think. I feel. I question. I wonder…and it turned into my first book.

What would I feel lousy about at this point in life anyway – the fact I live and breathe and have made a respectable attempt to build a thoughtful caring life? The fact I’ve walked through my fair share of jungles and forests in search of clearings?

Naaawww …. it’s called texture. Each of us has it – like it or not. I like it. I like it in others and I like it in myself.

You know what I don’t care for? I don’t care for thoughtlessness, intentionally hurtful, mean behavior, and manipulation – to start.

On the flip side – real isn’t shameful. Real is what we yearn for in our lives – consciously or unconsciously. When we shame others for their real – I’m convinced we are sounding a siren of our own shame in the real in ourselves.

When you thoughtfully live this way and run into souls that leave you feeling lousy for this kind of bravery – you’ve learned a valuable lesson, my friend.

It’s very possible they aren’t ready for you yet. Keep moving forward. Trust the process.

Next time: Trust Is A Tough Thing