6-Trust Is A Tough Thing

6th of 6 parts

Trust is a tough thing. If we can’t trust our own truth, why would we be able to trust the truth of someone else?

Walking through life in a way that hopefully helps someone who could use a friend or could stand to borrow a new perspective for a while on the way to their own growth is a fine kind of existence.

I’m centered and don’t know what someone could say that could derail that. This is an important idea to share with those considering putting their personal perspective out there.

When you know who you are, do you need those who reveal they can’t support you?

Wouldn’t the support they’d give you – in the illusion of sameness you might have shared – have been disingenuous before you shared your truth?

I don’t know…might seem simplistic. But, I choose to see these kinds of moments of awareness as gifts. They either deepen relationships in my life or lighten my load when someone moves a different direction.

Think it over. I don’t have it all figured out by a long shot, but I support your urge to share who you are if one of your goals is to surround yourself with people who champion you and vice versa.

Now, on the other hand – if someone reveals they’re not safe to be around – are downright hateful, maladjusted, off-kilter, mean, out of bounds, frequent liars, and any number of other kinds of foul-feeling mind foolery – thank the universe for showing you who they are and go in peace is my thinking.

The powerful thing about having determination to rise again each time you fall is there’s a little bit of a feeling of – yeah, been there done that – hand me something original or go away. You know? It’s not arrogant. It’s a solid awareness of self – good, bad, and ugly.

Overall, it’s a precious personal perspective with lessons learned regularly. It involves intention grounded in an effort to be civil and decent – rooting for peace and contentment of all.

You have it in you to be fully wholly you. I hope you see that about yourself.