Series: #2 Are Books Passé?

Book Author Question Series

Why bother writing a book in this time?

Each new medium is scrutinized as being behind the times when something fresh comes along. What ends up happening is that each find a way to claim their own space. Not seeing that possibility seems to demonstrate our inability to imagine more than what’s actually possible than anything watching these discussions and the morphing that happens.

Certain books have more appeal in classic book form than others. I’ve heard books that sell well called airport books. Reference books are less useful as that information populates so many internet websites. However, prescriptive books have applicable use when paired with who you are and your personal perspective. It’s what I’ve understood, seen, and respond to, so that is my lighthouse – my beacon.

Why write a book at this time? Why not? It’s its own kind of education to write a book. You learn about yourself – how you write, what makes sense in your own thinking and what doesn’t, writing crutches, thought crutches – parts of yourself you’re afraid of tend to stand out when you write – as does what still hurts you – even years later.

As a professional creative and communicator, writing a book is a type of advanced degree in it’s own way. It’s a credential. It felt like the time was now for this new kind of writing adventure.

It’s not always about money. When money falls from the sky, that’s nice and is often more than possible. But, passion doesn’t start that way – at least mine doesn’t. It starts with a burning desire to share, lead, explore and discover how we can be more – together. That’s how my passion works. How about yours? How that passion gets out there is how it makes sense for the person with a story to tell. Some might call that art.