A Bushel, A Peck, Rain Drops & Tulips

Welcome to our trek to Beloit, WI for a farmers market adventure. It was a last minute decision on the quest for a quick harmless weekend adventure.

Those beautiful flowers? A $5 bouquet that lifted the spirits of several people I passed while carrying them – asking me where I got them, telling me they were just plain gorgeous and that they were.

We made it through the market as rain began to fall. It was a nice one – lots of different types of booths – range of prices, nice variety, AND stores were open as they framed the streets surrounding the farmers market.

We stepped into a store called Bushel & Peck and fell in love…deep soulful love. It was the store you dream about starting over wine with friends. It was this industrial type of old building big open space. Walls lines with book shelves full of used books you can wait to sink your eyes into.

Immediately, as you walked in, you were greeted by greenery – plants for sale – African Violets to be exact. Lotions with delicate scents, gourmet conference to get the foodie in you dreaming of a romantic dinner waiting to be made over your weekend, creative craft beers, a decadent chocolate bar, a casual cafe offering everything from toast to Bloody Mary drinks – depending on how you want to start your morning.

By itself, it’s enough of a reason to go back. It was a great farmers market and A trip back just makes good sense.