A Fav Farmers Market On Earth

Occasionally I’ll fall in love with a place or experience…and when that happens – it takes hold of me deeply. Think of it as something you can’t stop thinking about – can’t shake it off.

The Santa Fe Farmers Market is just that kind of experience. I think it’s my very favorite of all I’ve been to – more than 50 farmers markets in a couple years time.

Lavender blue corn meal donuts, pretty vegan spring rolls, four different musical experiences from a marimba band to a Latin acoustic trio.

Easy parking, gorgeously rugged industrial setting, vast variety, musicians at all corners, REI, AND an entire literal creative artist market broadens out the entire Saturday morning event. We also went on Tuesday morning and while it was still pleasant – it wasn’t anything compared to Saturday’s. Tuesdays is more of a tease or taste of Saturday.

Chili’s, mustards, fresh vegetables everywhere, focaccia’s, fresh breads, fresh made food options everywhere – as you’d expect – but there’s something about the entire vibe that ups the ante in the way you read about in magazines.

In fact, the Santa Fe, NM Farmers Market is the stuff those fanciful farmers market magazine articles are made of – beautiful, soulful, sustainable, creative, green-minded living at its best.