A Few Life Lessons…So Far

Here are some important ones…

1- Don’t let anyone steal your joy.

2- Don’t let anyone reason you out of your wonder.

3- Don’t let anyone undermine the credibility of your playfulness.

4- Don’t let anyone organize you out of your creativity.

5- Start a band – any band. I’m entirely serious about this one. Music is good for the soul and building memories with friends/family with common goal makes life sweeter. Plus, you learn a lot in the process.

6- Get to know Amos Lee music. He can carry you through some bleak times…

How did the learning change me?

The experiences life has handed me have resulted in my becoming more fiercely and gently me.

People have a couple different paths they can choose between as they mature.

Some harden becoming more severe and sharp-edged with age. Some people soften becoming kinder and gentler. Each of us makes that choice for ourselves.

A helpful hint: Like does seem to attract like.

The rest of it is pretty much negotiable.

Just one more…because his music has a way of soothing the soul…


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