Amazon Book Sales Ranking

Wow Wow Wow… I got a call out of the blue yesterday.

It was surprising and encouraging! I’ve had a hunch my story could connect with others. I’ve known I wasn’t the only one on the kind of path I’ve walked with ample learning facing things not entirely unlike what I’ve experienced finding ways to overcome and persevere one day at a time. I’m so happy people are finding it, so it can offer some sort of comfort, connection, and reassurance to them. My book is called, 9 Word Rethink To Get On With Life.

I hadn’t been updated on how my book was doing and I haven’t been checking. It went out into the book selling marketplace November 8, 2018. I’m new to this and have entered the entire experience with a curiosity about how it all worked, willingness to learn, and enthusiasm to enjoy it.

This woman is working with me to determine next paths for my book. As it turns out, it’s showing strong rankings already. This information only reflects one place that it is available – Amazon – out of a handful of places.

She said, “You know your book is in the 20,000 range in two categories and it’s in the 80,000s in the third category. This stands out for a new self-published book. What is it you’ve been doing to market it?” I said, “Not much. I’ve shared it with people in my social network, basically, and talked about it in a couple of area media interviews.” She indicated to me there are millions of books out there and about 750,000 to 1,000,000 are self-published on Amazon every year.

She said, “Maria, there’s something here. People are seeking it out. This is a new book and it’s self-published.”

I contacted my person at Balboa to check in and they reinforced what she said that I have a strong ranking this early in the process and it can go up significantly from here.

This is already a wonderfully fantastic adventurous ride and I’m only a couple months into it all.