Resilience is made of Vision

Living to work with your hands or having the most clever idea ever isn't required to have creative vision. You just have to be willing to see yourself as a creative being no matter how much you resist. The on-going making of you is miraculous. If that's not creativity - what is?  Consider the most playful parts of you when you were little. It's time to map your path back. This is your first new life goal. Recapture what makes you - you. Resilience lives there.

Resilience is made of Passion

Passion is the drive that gets you up in the morning. If you've lost that awareness, what has it ever been? Consider what you do in your spare time. That could be your passion. Consider what lights you up when you speak. That could be your passion. What are you most often draw to seek out new information on during your days? This could be your passion. Passion swells when we make space for our heart to speak to us - often quietly and in soft urges.


Resilience is made of Order

A beautiful life is deliberately constructed out of thoughtful decisions, happy accidents, and some unexplained gifts along the way. If you have been tossed into a seeming life free fall, I understand. Your path to a wiser, stronger - more resilient you is before you and within your heart.  I want to help you harness the uncommon power in you.

Start by dwelling on the three steps below.


Capture Calm

Quiet life down. Presence has power when you feel whole where you stand. You have the chance to make moments mean more. Silence your mind, block needless external noise, and sit quietly with yourself. It’ll be uncomfortable for a while if you do it well. Once you are used to it - allow yourself to sit in sadness observing your experience in the name of this effort to capture calm and it can lead to good things. With time, you can feel your heart swell with renewed purpose.


Create Cool Stuff

Creativity is key to what you are looking for in yourself. Pieces of you fell away. It’s possible you deliberately put them away to be efficient in a world that favors requiring you prove you are worth your desires. You might find yourself asked to justify your work or skill set to assuage the anxiety of someone who struggles with their own self-esteem. You could be required to justify a general opinion or boundary to someone who is jockeying for their own position of power. These walls are mirages.


Communicate Courage

Decide to own the place you stand and you get the privilege of living life as your heart would have it. You are worthy of taking up space in your home, family, neighborhood, community, country, and world. You are not less kind or open to others by expressing yourself. The world needs your good and who you are is in the equation. Ask for what you want and better balance results. Others benefit knowing a more real you. You are worthy of being fully, wholly you.