Our Approach

Our Story

 Maria Henneberry

On the road at two weeks old, on a unicycle at two, performing by age four followed by gymnastics, drums, keyboards, and trumpet from there - adding up to hours of practice every night of my childhood.

It was a magical disciplined childhood that still offered plenty of time for swing set and trampoline time, not to mention many days of picking dandelions, violets, mulberries, and rhubarb.

From sitting in a classroom learning math one day to performing for corporate CEOs the following night across the country, my childhood was an unusual one full of family, travel, and new sensory experiences.


Do Your Art - Whatever It Is


My Art Studio

A Hidden Art Haven

My art space is my go to place for getting creative and trying out new ideas on a whim.

I love to just walk around, touch things, and consider all the many possibilities.

It's good to have a place in your life where you can escape with little effort.

My art room is a place I can just be entirely me at my own pace and know if I can imagine it, I can probably come up with a way to make it.


My Mantra

Creativity with discipline is a force to be reckoned with.  


This is a quote from my childhood. It was shared many times by my parents when they talked to me about life goals.

I often wondered how to fit into a world that isn't always sure what to do with creatives who respect routine and ritual.

It's a worthy goal for many of us striving to live our heart and have the chance to do what we love every day in our careers.


At My Fingertips

Key To Inspiration

The first time I knew my creativity might be just a little different than others and that magic moment came in first grade.

My teacher told my parents my art work just wasn't the work of most first graders.

It wasn't until years later - it became clear to me I just saw things differently - in lots of ways.

I wish I still had that first grade picture.