This woman finished her first book! I’ve been finalizing the cover this week.  Plus, I’ve been going back and forth on final interior modifications this week, as well.  It’s been fascinating, unbelievable fun, and it’s now ready to go. My understanding is my book will be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites by Thanksgiving – likely before.  I just learned it’s ready for pre-orders now. I can’t believe it. I’m proud of the love and hard work in this bucket list project. I’ve been asked how long I’ve been writing this and the answer is all my life. I hope this is the first of more to come. This book is about learning a new way to love yourself as we grow, mature, and decide who we will become throughout our lives. I share pieces of my own journey – personal and professional – in my experiences these...

Social Energy at the Public Square

Columbus, Ohio Never be a food snob. Learn from everyone you meet – the fish guy at your market, the lady at the local diner, farmers, cheese makers. Ask questions, try everything and eat up!  -Rachael Ray

Ingenuity is Beautiful

Worthington, Ohio Everywhere I go, I always look for creative entrepreneurs, whether it’s artisans and craftsman, small farmers and gardeners, or restauranteurs who use fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. I admire the courage and self-reliance it takes to start your own business and make it succeed.  -Martha Stewart

Sunshine sprays the sky, Sunflowers skip across the land

Worthington, Ohio Never look directly at the sun. Instead look at a sunflower.  -Vera Nazarian

Harvest Market by the Harbor

Kenosha, Wisconsin. The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.  -William Blake

First Snow-Final Farmer’s Market Treks

As has been established in my posts – I love farmer’s markets.  They are neighborly and community-focused, fun, adventurous, good creative mojo, and great for the spirit. We love taking in all kinds. Our final farmer’s market adventures of the season were in Kenosha, WI and the Columbus, Ohio area. I was on the hunt for ground cherries, gorgeous flowers, inspired art, and ground cherries.  If you haven’t ever tried them – they are worth seeking out.  Think cherry tomato, mixed with tomatillo, mixed with pineapple. They are one of my favorite produce finds. Waking up to pretty puffs of marshmallowy snow on the ground today, it sent my mind back to those more mellow weathered adventures. I decided to share a few memories and endorsements. Kenosha, Wisconsin has a gorgeous harbor side farmer’s market that is so picturesque, it wouldn’t likely need...

Cooly Quoted

The ax forgets what the tree remembers. -African Proverb This quote strikes me in a powerful way. It needs little explanation.

Shedding Labels

You want to scare people in a virtually harmless way? Refuse to be labeled. When you do that by how you live, you send them into the ambiguity abyss in how they structure a predictable world around themselves. It’s a quiet rebellion to champion when you know you must live on your own terms not because you’re selfish, but because you’re the opposite – so clear about your place in the world as an active participant impacting outcomes around you – you know you must live in truth with yourself. Plenty of people don’t function that way. They are true to the group – whatever group that is on any given day – for the mere fact that’s how they build meaning and purpose. Those of us who live true to self understand meaning and purpose lives inside of us…not outside of us. It’s a moral dilemma for many torn between fitting in to...