Book signing & numbers

Just checked Amazon best seller numbers having not worried about doing it at all since the last post I made here. I’m up in all three categories which was really gratifying to see. I’m up a couple thousand in rank in two categories (women and gender studies) and up about 13,000 in a third category (parenting). I’m happy about that.

I have an upcoming book signing Sunday, May 5th 2-3p in the cafe at the Normal Public Library in Normal, IL. We’ll talk about my book, the process of writing, and my experience putting it out there. Plus, I’ll answer any questions to hopefully help others make progress on their own writing and personal storytelling efforts.

One fascinating thing about this book endeavor is how it works. Book publishing reminds me of my broadcast news media life. It’s a subject few know from the inside, but so many of us are deeply impacted by what it produces and it’s outcomes.

Truth be known, I wrote my first book as a bucket list item, professional and personal benchmark, and, most importantly, for my kids.

I’m not a fan of wishing I’d had the guts to do something. I prefer to buckle down and just do it. It’s mind over matter stuff for me generally. I wrote this book as an experiment with myself to stretch my own thinking. It was for posterity for Lucy and Liam, frankly.

I remember a moment with my dad when he was alive where he realized he hadn’t shared much with me about who his mother was when she was alive. At one point in the conversation he said, “Don’t you know this already? You don’t? I haven’t talked to you about this?” I said, “No. You haven’t. I don’t know what you are saying.” He shook himself up that day and started to make it a point to share more about his mother – a woman he adored and lost as a teenager.

Here’s the deal. I’m the fifth of six kids and, at plenty of points, I was bound to be just one of the herd. It’s a lot of humans. He had talked about his mother with some older siblings, but being on the end of the line (and a middle kid to boot) – I think I missed out on those chats. I’m glad I spoke up. Assertiveness is your friend.

My writing my first book was, in no small part, related to that moment with my own dad. I’d had a full career before I had children. They wouldn’t even know me in that building phase of life if I don’t clue in to that reality and find a way to remedy it that might stick. Maybe writing a book is good medicine for them, too.

It’s an added bonus that it keeps gaining traction in other ways.

Hope to see you Sunday and talk to you about your own writing plans.