Book #2: Coming 2019

11 Word Rethink To Get On With Life

Change reminds us we're alive. For many people to emerge from difficulty better and stronger changing how we define some well-worn words has to happen first. Forcing one meaning for words of pain, suffering, and overcoming can stall healing. Let's fix it.

Book #1:  Coming 2020

It’s Your Right To Be Uncommon

You are like no one else. That's exactly WHY you are magnificent. However, life has a way of seemingly trying to squash us into a mold of sameness. Where does that come from anyway? In this book, I share to help you know you are not alone in seeking and just being you. I'm here too.

Book #2: Coming 2020

Creative Comebacks: Self-Care After Life Blows

Millions of us have learned self-soothing to mean: suck it up, 'gitter done', ignore it. Sound familiar? It's the American way! Are you destroyed yet? I’ve walked my own path to self-compassion and I share learning to help you give kindness to yourself. It’s you time, my friend.