Depth Via 5 Senses

Living a deeper life can’t always involve a lot of slow-paced pondering and internally focused curiosity or some people might implode of frustration or boredom.

I get it! We aren’t all put together the same way. There are countless ways to seek meaning in our experiences that don’t require psych manuals and intense inward study.

It can be as simple as using any or all of the five generally-recognized senses: see, hear, taste, smell, and touch. Savoring life through your senses is pretty simple.

Consider these thoughts:

1- How do you experience your senses?

2- Do you take them for granted?

3- Have you considered how your computer keyboard feels beneath your fingers?

4- Do you ever look at things without actually seeing them?

5- Do you make it a point to taste everything you put in your mouth versus just consuming?

6- Are you likely to think about how that living room blanket feels each time you fold it?

7- Do you take in the scent of laundry right out of the dryer?

8- Did you just hear that? Were you listening?

These are each life deepening moments that require nothing more than awareness of our senses as gifts and there’s a chance to begin again virtually every moment. It’s pretty special.

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