Do You Care If People Judge You?

I used to. I had to get over it.

Generally, I have. What’s left now are only moments of awareness. I take a deep breath, trust myself, and keep going.

If I hadn’t overcome it, I’d have ended up a mental mess.

My utter personal requirement to stay creative in my thinking, embrace my sense of adventure, and trust the process of life goes against the grain more than is convenient.

My primary beacons: stay kind, assume best intent, create beauty that means something to me, explore, keep my word, be decent to people, trust my strength to overcome, and have compassion for myself when things don’t work how I hope.

Staying true to myself meant I had to stop pretending (to myself as much as anyone else) I could meet random expectations of others making sense of their own existence by trying to fit me in their limited boxed up world views.

It’s been liberating. I hope everyone seizes the opportunity to break free from those chains.

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