Enjoy The Process While Striving

I’m working on this right now as I make significant shifts for my long term future.

I’m a single mom career professional with two children ages 9 and 14.

I have adventures ahead, but I want to make sure my kids remain the priority they are.

Here’s what I’m doing:

1- Travel every 4–8 weeks to a place that takes me closer to my goal. A place I want to live, an experience I want to make a central part of my future.

2- Conferences and workshops that speak to my future self. This is such a simple way to find out if you’re serious about a dream. Surround yourself with people passionate on a topic you’re interested in and see where you stand when the event is over. You can learn a lot about yourself this way. I went to a writer’s conference and a month later my draft manuscript was ready. All I needed was clarity it offered, a couple questions answered, and then I had the mental focus to finish my work.

3- I make space for more exploration. I keep an open mind about new experiences, adventures, discoveries. I haven’t been disappointed. Every time I get frustrated or discouraged – I get rid of things in my house to take me closer to this goal of moving on to new adventures. What is it with me and getting rid of things, right?

4- I’m embracing minimalism. I’m working on this in as many areas of my life as I can come up with to build ever more clarity about what matters to me on my life journey.

5- I write every single day. I write professionally, but I don’t just write to get paid. I write, because it’s one of the ways I breathe in this life. I find I have to have an outlet and writing works well for my nature.

6- Nature and exercise heal me. Either separately or together, some days they’re the magic that keep me balanced and believing in better tomorrows. When one doesn’t fit, I make sure the other does.

7- I shed expectation every chance I can to reduce the weight of life. When I commit to something, I do the best I can and leave it at that. Trust the process is one of my life philosophies.

8- I quit trying to understand every single thing. There are so many puzzles you’ll never solve, because you’re missing pieces. Here’s a hint: I’ve learned other people in your puzzle probably don’t have the missing pieces either, so you can keep running over the same ground to try to conjure puzzle pieces you’ll never find or you can just let the unfinished puzzles be what they are. After all, there’s a kind of beauty and art in the idea if you embrace that sort of thing.

9- I allow myself to be still. I don’t worry about everything else and everyone else’s swirling and twirling around me. I allow myself to be quiet in quiet for long periods of time and when the peace and contentment take over, it’s a precious thing.

10- I love willingly and I give back generously. I share what I have where I can and I am grateful to be useful to others. Gratitude is the sweetest part of the equation. If you can stay in touch with this, the other pieces have a way of falling in place in their own time.

So many new adventures await!