IL State U. Broadcast Hall of Fame

What a special weekend at the Illinois State University TV-10 reunion events. Still processing how many talented people have walked through the doors of our ISU student run television station. What an honor to share in the distinction of being in this first Broadcast Hall of Fame class.

Here is my speech…

Thank you so much Laura and Bob and Steve and the rest of the Illinois State University Department of Communication. This experience is beyond touching. So very meaningful. Your dedication and passion for lifting others up does the university proud.

One of the great things about TV-10 that makes it different and special is you create and build a family each semester and year … everyone has each other’s back. I’ve been an adjunct for 15-20 years and I’ve had the pleasure of watching those families form. You’re competitive but you applaud the accomplishments of each person in this family, because you are invested in each other. Many disciplines are not like that.

I’ve learned a couple of things since first stepping foot in TV-10 that first day summer 1989. I thought it might be fun to share a few bits of wisdom and I’m sure many will relate. For those just starting out – maybe this can save you a little time and energy…a few things I’ve learned along the way…

-Stay curious.

-Never be afraid of the word why.

-Every few years make it a point to look back and have a good laugh. While you’re at it – savor progress.

-The recovery matters more than the error at the anchor desk and whatever you lead. How you recover can be what endears you to people.

-Appreciate the fact that you. Are. Here. As journalists and writers – we cover many stories about people who don’t get that privilege.

-Trust the process.

-Change reminds you you’re alive.

-Let no one steal your joy.

-Reading the school menu in a radio voice can convince a little kid to choose hot lunch over cold when you’re running late.

-Believe in the beauty of simple kindness.

-Accept nothing less than kindness and decency.

-Give kindness away with wild abandon.

-Honoring the heart AND head in tandem is some of the most important work of life and can revolutionize your writing.

-Have courage not to fill every empty space with your own voice. The most profound moments when interviewing are often silence.

-Only be around people and workplaces that know what they have in you.

-Assume best intent first.

-Let people know you love them and they make a difference in your life.

-Don’t be afraid of yourself in your writing and your art.

-Speaking of art – do your art – whatever it is.

-Hope keeps you alive.

-Passion keeps you engaged.

-Playfulness keeps you young.

-Humility and gratefulness keep you grounded.

-Have compassion for those hurting.

-Never apologize to yourself or anyone else for your depth.

-Stand up to bullies.

-A hug is a thank you.

-An independent mind is your loyalty to yourself. It’s what makes a great journalistic mind.

-Live love.

-By the way – it’s all love.

Thank you so very much.