Decent Person Indicator

Sincerity is this kind of beacon of light to me. It’s about being sensitive, calm, thoughtful, and peaceful. That displays differently in different people. It’s not about being a meek person at all. You can be expressive, passionate, and/or cerebral, to name a few.

A mature adult still able to be vulnerable enough to show sensitivity after many years of life grabbing a hold of them (as it does virtually everyone) attempting to leave them in a state of numbness and emotional despair – to me is a wonder. It takes real courage not to harden into stone through life.

Calm requires a willingness to fight the ferocious visual and auditory stimulation shoved at us nearly constantly few can entirely escape. One simple example: TVs at gas pumps? Really?

Mindfulness and a commitment to staying present and finding center again when tossed off is what this person displays…and it’s a precious thing to observe.

Everything you feel is valid, but everything felt doesn’t require a response, opinion expressed, dismissive, damaging, or dramatic reaction. Some situations might merit it in specific moments. But, it’s no way to exist and good people get this.

Thoughtfulness involves awareness of the experience of others – meaning words don’t need to fill space to frame and define every single thing around us for the sake of our own ego management. Keeping everything in neat tidy categories for a predictable life can be damaging.

Peaceful people – good people – have nothing to prove. When you have nothing to prove, your ego isn’t running the show. You aren’t living in a state of scarcity, with transaction-based decision making, and ‘What have you done for me lately?’ thinking.

We live in a fascinating and frustrating time when qualities that make a person a good sort…many think points to lack of self-confidence. I wonder if people who view sincerity as weakness have no idea how precious that quality is as an indicator they are with one of the very best kinds of people.