Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom

We think we know. When we educate ourselves by whatever means we have – we just seem to think we know things – lots of things – often more than others.  Knowledge is a safety net…

…in our own mind.

Understanding is next. To know is not necessary to understand much of anything. More than facts go into understanding, but for many people knowledge seems to be all they require of themselves.

The reason it seems understanding is imperative is because empathy lives in understanding. It is in combining knowledge with empathy drenched understanding that we can hope to grow wise.

Knowledge, understanding, and wisdom are the best hope we have to move forward as the human race keeping in mind mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Wisdom is a kind, peaceful friend. But, it’s not cheap. Wisdom might well cost you everything you have…  but when the load is lighter, it ought to be easier to fly.