Latest Book Adventures

A few dozen people have made it a point to ask me directly about book signings, celebrating having finished this project, and potential speaking engagements. Some puzzle pieces are coming together and wanted to share an update on this passion project.

SCHEDULE TO DATE – Book progress for my project: 9 Word Rethink To Get On With Life:

January 28th, Monday, 10:30a: Leadership Illinois Alum Conference Event Speaker.

In February, listen for my interview on WGLT (89.1 NPR) Sound Ideas.

March 14th, Thursday, 6p: American Business Women’s Association Chapter Recognition Dinner Event Speaker.

BOOK SIGNING EVENT – April 7th, Sunday, 2p – Bloomington, IL – This is a special book signing with long-time friend Kathryn Foster – author of her own book about one of her passions – clean water. Here is the link to her blog.  We are CHANGING THIS LOCATION from what we previously planned. Stay tuned for what we have in store!

Her project is called Downstream: Claudia and the Science Club Book 1. My daughter, Lucy, and I had the honor of being beta readers. It was a special experience to share with Lucy. Thanks, Kathryn!

This one is part of the Young Adult genre about teens who solve a mystery and teach their town the importance of clean water. You’ll recognize central Illinois landmarks as you read for an added dimension to this special experience.

June-July TBD date: My hometown library – Toulon, IL –  “It’s Showtime In Your Library” talk.

I’ve had three reach outs for more information – one related to the LA Times Festival of Books (!!), a newsletter profile, and the other for a possible op ed.

Three book club inquiries have popped up wondering if I’d be available to them as the author to add a layer to the discussion which will be so fun. I think I’m looking most forward to these events as they come together.

I won’t blog every single twist and turn, but will share periodic benchmarks and this was a great collection out of the gate.

I’m always open to talking about this book and also thrilled to discuss the process to help others move through their own personal or professional efforts at more smoothly meeting writing goals.

Reach out to me by email:

Disappointment: Couldn’t make an upcoming area author event invite for Prairie Fox Books Independent bookstore in Ottawa, IL – hoping to catch that next time around. Thanks so much for the invite!