Life Just Isn’t Fair

Life isn’t fair and I’ve struggled with the futility of it all here and there over the years. When you think and feel deeply – I don’t see how you don’t find yourself in that spiral once in a  while.

As a result, I now land confidently on – life is indeed a gift – which can play like an ‘I’m shutting down from this happy chat immediately’ cliche.

But – there’s more.

You can’t always control what happens to you … which is where the unfair can sting so terribly. The thing is you teach people who you are and you learn about yourself in the recovery… the bounce back.  Is it perfect? Hardly. What is?

To those who would dare say life is fair – I wonder…


Do they dislike themselves and think they somehow deserve awful things they endure?

Or have they just not had anything that awful touch them that deeply?

Or, when the toughest stuff did happen – did they keep the feelings at bay to remain seemingly invulnerable?


To build on this – a couple ideas help me dig out from pain after awful experiences…

Why am I exempt from something painful happening to me? In fact, why not me?


What if all of the seemingly awful stuff is somehow happening to our benefit…every single time…no matter what it looks like on the surface?

Thoughts to ponder.