Meow Wolf

I didn’t have any idea what Meow Wolf was walking through the doors in Santa Fe, New Mexico – one of my very favorite communities.

Author and Santa Fe resident George R R Martin – the Game of Thrones guy – is at the financial helm of this endeavor was my understanding once I started to investigate what exactly this was we were experiencing.

Walking into the immersive and discombobulating environment was a bit scary at the same time it was a thrill.

My understanding is reactions to it have often been cut and dried – extremes of – love it or hate it – is not uncommon.

I LOVED it. It was soothing and reassuring. I felt I wasn’t alone in my way of thinking as I walked through it. It felt more like life than so much of what we’re exposed to in media day-to-day.

Ok – you walk through a refrigerator portal into a type of space travel experience. You can climb into a washer dryer deal and head into a netherworld of lights and curiosities. You can duck into a fireplace and trust the adventure. You can hide and observe, you can participate and express yourself. It was utterly awesome.

Walking in felt like I might actually have been dumped off into the Upside Down of the Netflix show Stranger Things – as a character in the show. In fact, the way people are participating in the life of the home when you walk into the first stop – an actual house – you wonder if you’re part of the movie, if these people are in the movie, if you’re watching them in their movie or maybe they are in yours. Is this a movie? Or, is it an art experience? Where am I? What happened? Does anyone have a compass? A light? A chance of ever getting out?

It’s handed me one of the most unusual sensations I’ve ever had. In fact, as I write I don’t think I’ve ever felt that specific way before. It was so odd. You’re immersed in a confusing array of rooms and left to decide for yourself what it all means. You are living the mystery with your own exploration.

My assessment? You make of it what you want to make of it. It felt like the human experience trying to resolve itself. It felt like the fight between individualism and collectivism. It felt like the fight between structure and chaos. It felt like a struggle between the head and heart, dark and light, our lives as children versus adulthood, our inner conflicts…

The singularity room was our favorite. I stood in that room experiencing it and just felt better. What was that about? I don’t know, but I loved the sense of knowing, comfort, and calm I left with when I walked out – having absorbed sights and sounds on a topic I’ve read about and wondered about for more than a decade – maybe even two decades now. Fascinating.

If you have a chance to check it out and could stand a little harmless discombobulation with the end result potentially being a little shake up in how your view the world around you – this might be just what the doctor ordered.

It was so much fun and encouraging – I can’t wait to take my kids.