Pandemic: Future Focus

I’m only weeks into a career transition phase of my life. As I seek a new position with a stable, vibrant company, this pandemic is catapulting us into a different time that feels even less stable than ever in my memory.

We’ll likely make cultural and historical references in terms of ‘before the COVID-19 pandemic’ or ‘after the COVID-19 pandemic’ now.

I have a journalistic, digital media background and, as an observant writer, remember vividly what was happening in the world around me when my dad died, August 3rd, 2001. It was only a few weeks before 9/11.

All sorts of people from national leaders and media personalities to neighbors down the street began referring to life as ‘before 9/11’ and ‘after 9/11‘ when referencing past influence on the present.

Anything ’before 9/11’ seemed much farther behind us and less relevant than what was referenced as ’after 9/11’ because the world was now different; changed. It was surreal emotional awareness and worthy of note as, to me, it included my own father’s death even though it had only happened a couple weeks prior.

Paradigm-shifting moments happen periodically throughout history and we’re in one now.

The job-seeking tone is going to shift with it somehow and has already started. I just opened a recruiting invite for an online corporate career fair I’ve never received before in the way it was shared with me. It’s an entirely online experience.

My career relevancy will rely on how well I pay attention and incorporate those changes into my outlook and effort to secure a new position. However, I’m not sure what the full landscape of change actually looks like yet and, with a background of leadership, teaching, training, and sales, it’s my job to know as we experience the shifts.

Plus, the ripple effects of this pandemic involve a lot of other people experiencing huge changes in their own employment situations now.

How many of us are looking for new career-level employment at this time? I don’t know.

What will that mean for any of us in coming days, weeks, months?

There’s a lot of ambiguity at the moment.