Pieces Of Truth

Puzzles are loads of fun and downright brutal to put together. It depends on how the pieces look and how many we’re talking – 50, 500, 5000?

When you can’t seem to put together a puzzle in life as you seek truth from someone else, it’s because you are missing pieces of the truth. You are looking at a puzzle without all the pieces.

When you allow yourself to see this – it can be easier to let go of one of the frustrating aspect of being hurt. It’s the fact that nothing can actually make sense when bits of truth are missing. You can’t force clarity. You can just use those moments to get clear with yourself about what is and isn’t working around you and either embrace it or move along.

Here’s the thing…  Those pieces of truth? They might be missing for ALL involved parties, because not everyone has the same value system. For instance, in this case it would require everyone work from values such as truth, honesty, and openness. It’s less about judgment and more an awareness that many many people can’t name values they live by off the top of their head.

Can you?