Regrets Are Nothing To Fear

A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.  -John Barrymore

I read this today and I loved it.  Sharing it, because it’s powerful and makes an excellent point.

People who say they have no regrets raise my eyebrow.

To have no regrets has an element of disregard for how you might have impacted others if nothing else along the way.  It’s kind of a cocky thing to say and raise a red flag of control and emotional distance…as if the person is saying – it’s all good here – nothing to look at – move along people! I understand it…but why is that necessary?

Why would our goal be to have no regrets?  My goal is to live a full thoughtful life. I can’t guarantee there will be no regrets in my pursuit of that end.  In fact, there are regrets. I have regrets. But, they aren’t all-consuming.  They aren’t incapacitating.  They don’t become a daily drumbeat in my head I can’t tame.  I’m not even sure I can change many, if any, of them if I were handed a do-over.

It’s merely awareness that there are some things along the way I’d change if I had it to do over. Whoever I’ve genuinely hurt along the way, I definitely regret that.

But, I assume best intent, because I want the same consideration in return.

Regret is more of a bittersweet melancholy in certain moments and it’s nothing to fear.  It’s something to learn from and add to awareness as we continue to deepen our lives as we go.

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