Reinvention: Do You Have The Guts?

My nine-year-old son and I have this funny game. I have several little spray breath fresheners around. You know – the pocket-sized – squirt of – what the heck was that – painful burning, but delightfully refreshing mint – kind…

I love these things.

It started as a simple positive hygiene effort, but has evolved to a tiny reinvention of self every time I walk past one of the things and grab it for a minty mouth moment.

I self-assess plenty, but there are limits and I’m not overthinking this one. I just have fun with it…and here’s an example. When my son is nearby when I’m going in for a squirt, I always turn to him and say with my best Clint Eastwood vocal drag…DO YOU HAVE THE GUTS? Liam runs away yelling with his arms flailing in the air yelling – NO! NO! NO! Not that!! We laugh every time at the harmless fun nonsense of it all.

Reinvention has a bit of stinging painful mint in it. It’s part – ouch – and part – wow – that IS better! I write about what goes into self-reinvention – which starts, by the way, with self-commnuication. What is that inner dialogue? Do you self-sting? Why?

Reinvention is about having the creativity (and I’m a firm believer that most everyone is a creative creature if they will allow themselves to see it) to reimagine.

Do you have the guts to reimagine your life?

If not…WHY NOT? So what, there’s an ouch. There’s also a WOW.

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