Self-Sacrifice Is Not Noble

Why do we sacrifice with the idea it will lead to a higher plain of existence where the most evolved love lives or where we think our extreme giving could actually be recognized for the gift that it is?

I’m convinced it won’t ever be recognized and here’s why.

I think the type of people who can even recognize that kind of giving are givers themselves and, in their empathy, could never allow you to give at that level Рespecially for an extended period of time.  They care about you too much. That relationship becomes a give fest of sorts.

A person who allows you to give until it emotionally hurts is suspect. If someone loves you, why would they want you to live in that kind of pain? How can someone who loves you want that to happen? If there is a – YES, BUT – inserted here…tread carefully. You are in danger of minimizing, denying, and invalidating YOU.

If you aren’t your own best advocate – who will be?


The one caveat is your counterpart has to know what is happening – whether in work or personal relationships. That is your challenge.

Have you talked to them about what you feel you have sacrificed and what you want to change? If you muster courage even one time – share the needs of your heart in kindness and then just listen…

You will know where YOU are headed with their answer.

Someone who loves you doesn’t want you hurting for them if they can do anything to help keep that from happening.

Takers don’t care.

They live in a world of ‘what have you done for me lately.’

Yep – toxic.

Let it go in love and leave it behind you.

Maybe the self-sacrificing lesson in this can be that you sacrifice this toxic relationship with your friend or significant other or workplace for your relationship with yourself – the most important relationship of all.