Series: 10 Author Questions

I have so much to share. I want to offer insight into my path toward writing a book, my own process of getting it down on paper and out there, and progress since I put it out.

There have been some great developments so far and it's only just begun. Before I get to that in upcoming posts, however, I want to share a list of 10 questions I'll take on in individual upcoming posts. I've made note of these questions, because this is what I find I'm being asked often about writing itself so far. I want to offer a supportive nudge to others considering their own project.

As for book content questions - that's another series ahead. I've touched on some of it in prior posts.

Here is the rundown of my upcoming blog post series:

1- What is my big picture vision for this book project?

2- Why bother writing a book at this time? Is it passe?

3- Why bother writing a book and taking this on when you have other career success?

4- You could be rejected, so why put yourself out there?

5- Why did you choose this publishing route?

6- What do you want out of it?

7- How long did it take to finish?

8- How did you get mentally organized enough to do it?

9- Will you do it again?

10- Would you make the same choices if you did it again?