Series: #10 Choices We Make

Book Author Question Series

Would you make the same choices if you did it again?

In life or for this book project? If we are talking in life – I’d say pull up a chair for a while… who knows? I’m deliberate and, generally, thoughtful in my decisions, so whatever I’ve experienced along the way was probably going to happen no matter what given that way of moving through the world. It’s hard to tell. That’s the stuff that makes brains hurt thinking about anyway and I’m not sure it leads to a useful end.

Would I do anything differently related to this book project? What I’ve jotted out above negates the likelihood of that, doesn’t it? Backed myself into thought corner, didn’t I? Oops…funny. Anyhow…

I’m not sure I could do much differently. It’s all learning and I’ve enjoyed the learning. Would it be nice to have everything happen perfectly without struggle, difficulty, or confusion in trying to finish this project? Sure – why not? But, it’s not realistic. Making deliberate choices and trusting yourself in those decisions is a fine approach and I will continue to work that way as I go.

Now that I’ve had this experience, it gives me momentum to, perhaps, approach it differently in the future. However, I wouldn’t shy away from doing it this way again. To self-publish the way I did it has been incredibly rewarding and the kind of learning that adds richness to life. Easy is great – but too much easy in this life tends to lead to entitlement and I’m not sure that would ever work for my nature. Hard to know. Maybe I could have it easy and feel guilty about it….haha – maybe that’s the antidote. Who’s to know. You know what? Sometimes you just have to head out on your adventure without knowing how it will end – making it a point to enjoy every single unforeseen moment. My only suggestion is to do what you can to remind yourself you are alive and vibrant on this planet – just try to keep the quest humane and kind to others. It reduces regrets later. Toodles.