Series: #3 It’s An Extra Job

Book Author Question Series

Why bother writing when you have other career success?

When I was a TV journalist, I would sit with a news consultant every few months. The consultant would critique our writing, voice, hair, clothing, delivery, even jewelry.

One day while working with our consultant showing her my work, she said “Why are you here? You have something to say to the world, Maria. You need to find a way to say it. This isn’t it for you.”

That day I was not attempting to be validated for the lion-heartedness deep inside of me. The meeting was due diligence with the consultant in my required time slot. I appreciated the feedback. I always did. I enjoyed the new perspective it offered. It was often helpful, interesting, and even amusing sometimes. Yeah – I’m not a deep plunging neckline type of person – but you can keep telling me that’s part of my value at the anchor desk. Ok… No – I am not embarrassed or insecure. It’s that I don’t need to do that to be me. It’s not me. That was one of the amusing days. I had fun digressing into a memory there…thanks for going there with me for a second…. but the point is clear.

I have thoughts to share as a professional creative. I’m a single mom who had a long-time successful business with my ex. I’m collaborative, yet independent. I wanted to own my career life fully for myself by myself again. I define me. No one else and no label does. It’s that simple.

I dwell in possibility. It’s what keeps me feeling vibrant and alive. I want to learn and grow… looking at life as many doors. I thoroughly enjoy trying to figure out ways to open the doors. It’s a type of creative professional life hacking.

As a teenager, I had an epiphany that the only thing that would ever likely get in my way was my own attitude. I internalized that idea and consciously make choices to avoid building invisible walls for myself. Is it perfect? Not a chance. Life doesn’t work that way. However, it’s been a pretty darn consistent theme in how I work throughout the years. I highly recommend it. It’s made all the difference.