Series: #5 Why This Route?

Book Author Question Series

Publishing Route – Why this direction?

I self-published my book. I studied options for a few years watching it all change significantly with new avenues opening up for people to streamline the process of writing and getting their work out there. For years, I had the big fat books of publishing houses and how to write query letters and you know what? I didn’t make anything happen. I lived around them and was content in my little solar system of research seeking out information as I perused book stores around the nation while on vacation after vacation year after year … sinking deeper into my giant bean bag chair of comfort and safety reading about becoming an author, writing books and people who do it, but never getting it done myself.

One day I was done with that. It turned into a nonsense hobby for me. It was taking more from me than it was giving and I was over it. So, I shifted my thinking. New thinking. New outcomes.

You know what I realized? There are no special rules. You decide to do it. Authors don’t have to be a special kind of person. Books don’t have to be a certain topic. The process doesn’t have a right way to get done. One day – tired of thinking about it, I did it. I took all of the creativity that generally swirls around in my body like a chaotic stew of vibrant rainbow colors and I pinned each bow down into a tangible plan. I set up a framework for myself to get. this. project. done. and I did.

I knew part of that plan was to decide what parts I was willing to handle myself and what parts I wasn’t willing to do – that stand in my way in achieving my goal. I knew I wasn’t ready for full maverick style self-publishing which is growing fast as some people turn pumping out ebooks by themselves into their full-time career. I knew I wasn’t there yet. Baby steps. I knew this part was a mental obstacle for me, so I took it off my plate.

I wanted to learn the process in a solid legitimate way to be more informed going forward in deciding what I might want to do it next time with more know-how. I wanted mentorship. Taking this part off of my plate made it easier to digest. I knew I’d be covered. I’d have access to legal content review, marketing guidance, professional cover design, formatting expertise, ISDN number handled, ebook taken care of and other services. My book 9 Word Rethink To Get On With Life is out there indefinitely now in several places. They worry about that piece. I don’t have to for now. I get to do what I do – be creative and write – gosh darn it. It was exactly the solution I needed.

I didn’t want a new obstacle in having to convince a publisher I was good enough or had an idea worthy enough of their time and attention. It’s about band-width as much as anything. I have a college degree and didn’t want to attempt to get another one in merely trying to get a book published. Plus, I’m a busy single mom. I have some time to work with – but there’s a limit.

The whole scenario took me back to college looking for that first career job. I remember waking up one day after graduating discouraged realizing I was looking for complete strangers to give me the chance to prove myself when I knew I had a lot to offer professionally and didn’t need anyone’s approval. I just needed the opportunity. The system I was in didn’t work that way. Hence, I became an entrepreneur as a significant part of my professional choices.

This book publishing situation conjured many of the same feelings for me. I just wanted to do this. I didn’t want to ask permission, fight to prove my worthiness to publish, waste more years hoping someone would see the value of my work. I have something to say and I was going to say it. I am a writer by instinct and trade.

Was it a form of rebellion to self-publish? Was it a way to, again, fully own me? Or, was it just the fact, I was not interested in asking permission of anyone else to be fully, wholly me. It was a type of embracing of my own authenticity to say if I champion authenticity in this book – I can, at least, stand up in that spirit for this project and I did… I self-published my book.

I get paid quarterly. It’s not a get rich quick scheme by any means. That wasn’t the point in any of this. So, I chose There are so many options and so many reviews out there about different places. I happen to appreciate Hay House a lot. I have used Hay House products over the years and Balboa is a division of Hay House. In fact, the first book I every had from Hay House called Heart Thoughts was given to me by a child hood girlfriend. I still have that beautiful little purple book.

I was comfortable with my decision for me. It’s been a simple, easy to understand and navigate process for me. The professionalism I’ve experienced has been excellent, as well.

I also highly recommend a writer’s conference. It’s such a fast way to learn if you are serious about this idea for yourself. You get to do pitches, meet agents, talk to writing experts, authors, consultants, other writers, attend workshops, and connect with other aspiring authors in all stages of the process as well as for all kinds of topics.

Ready to go forth and conquer?