So Damn Lucky

Ever sit in the peace and calm of your environment owning your contentment in full awareness you have so much you love in your life, so much possibility, proud of how you have emerged from the storms of life so far that you feel and know you are so damn lucky?

I do.

I’m an idealist. It’s how I’m built. I’m also highly rational. It keeps life interesting. It offers balance.

My perspective is a radically optimistic one. But, I know what it is to lose sight of your joy, to be disillusioned by life, to be world weary. I know what it is to feel there is nothing.

I don’t focus on being happy. It’s like trying to catch bubbles in the air.  Ninety-nine perscent of the time, they pop.

Happiness is elusive, but becomes an awareness when there’s space for it.

I work on all of the other pieces I value around the outside of happiness.

My daily goal imperfectly achieved on a fairly regular basis, but worked on with kind intent to myself and others. I do things that feed my spirit. I feel things that add to my life, don’t diminish it. I slow down and stay present. I trust the process. It’s freeing to put my energy into growing the good.

I’m grateful and so damn lucky.

Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come.              -Chinese Proverb

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