Sound Ideas Interview Friday 2/8/19

Look for an interview on the NPR station WGLT – 89.1 FM tomorrow (2/8/19) during Sound Ideas. Eric Stock talks with me about my book, 9 Word Rethink To Get On With Life.

Thanks to Eric for reading it and asking such thoughtful questions.

I don’t have exact air times, but I’ll share a link when I have one.

Two quick thoughts for the day: A couple of friends and I talked over coffee (for me it’s always ice tea – don’t like coffee – wish I did – but I digress…) this week each talked about overcoming fear – not sure how to do it – actually worrying – maybe boiling down to fear of failure.

My first thought is this: When you worry, you bet against yourself. If you’ve reached a point in your life you feel you don’t have the guts to try something new, in part, because of all you’ve built behind you – USE what you’ve built to propel you forward. It’s the evidence you will make things around you successful in your future and, if not, land on your feet – despite it.

You doubt me?

You can stand on your own two feet right now, correct?


I’m on to something.

We are our own harshest critic and main hurdle sometimes. Trust your own process. Keep moving forward. There is so much in you.