Stay At Home Birthday

My son’s 11th birthday party was last night; during the stay at home order by our governor in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At 11, he dreams of outings for his birthday with lots of friends. The stay at home kind of birthday is an adjustment. It was the way it is this year.

I have a few gifts for him, he got a couple very hoped for gift cards, and cash. His 15-year-old sister stole the show, though, with her coupons for time and experiences for her brother to use with her when he wants time with her.

It’s a very big deal, because at their ages his sister isn’t always game for his requests on his schedule. This will change that some and I’m proud of her to bringing it in this way.

All in all? She gave him more than six hours of time for activities. Some are specific such as jumping on the trampoline and playing catch with a football to laser tag or anything even.

The fun for me will watching those tickets be redeemed at a time when all of us are looking for ways to make the most of this time we are waiting out the pandemic trying to be constructive, productive, creative with our time, and safe with our families.

It’s already adding a lighthearted fun dimension to our time in the house.