Mortality In The Air

I was with my dad years ago getting mail at our small town post office. As we left, he caught a reflection in the long glass window to his left side and couldn’t look away. He was visibly taken aback for a couple seconds, but ultimately kept walking and I followed quietly.

Once in the car, he told me he casually glanced at the reflection noting the man’s gait, silhouette, and how he held his head – certain he was looking at his maternal grandfather as an old man – a man who meant a lot to my dad and died decades before I was born.

He realized he was actually looking at himself – looking like a much older man than how he viewed himself.

Time does pass and he found himself facing that moment with me along for the ride.

He was lost in thought a while when we got home. It was meaningful to see my dad’s thoughtfulness and sensitivity that day.

What did I learn that day?

Human beings are more alike than different in many ways even across decades if we choose to pay attention.

Plus, we are, indeed, mortal.

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