A Few Things I Do For Pleasure

I answered the question recently:  What do you do merely for the pleasure of it?

I thought about the fact for myself. I’ve been lucky to make much of my pleasure the work I do. I made the decision that would happen when I was in college. If I couldn’t do it for periods of time, that’d be ok.  But, in the long run – I knew what I needed to feel contentment in life.

Writing – This blog is one writing about passion topics specifically resilience and reinvention because I love the art of writing, being useful to others, and creating meaningful beauty.

Nature – When I’m contemplative, I sit and watch birds for hours in my backyard garden. I love the reminder there are worlds we often have to consciously choose to see. It’s also an excellent reminder when you feel alone… that you just aren’t. They are fine companions.

Art – Pedicures that look like a vacation ROCK. I always think of our toes as the laid back fun digits meant for creativity vs hands which I keep neutral for business. I like the blue-green ocean-colored toenail polish and tropical nail art reminder to keep the difficulties of life in perspective and find ways to enjoy the journey.

Music – I’ve played keyboards most of my life and sit down to play piano at least 1–2 times a week for calm, to channel and express feelings, build confidence, and dwell in possibility learning something new and challenging.

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