What’s In A Voice? Lots Actually

Voices reach me like nothing else.

The way someone talks to me tells me more than how they look, dress, or even WHAT they say.

As in, if I were a superhero and had to have a downfall, the way someone talks to me could be it.

If they talk kindly, sweetly, gently – I might crumble and give up all of the information. If they speak to me with a shrill expectant tone, I might find a chalkboard to run my fingers down for a while.

I didn’t always know this about myself.

I graduated in Communication and voice is a huge part of that pie as you learn to express yourself.

My focus was on my own vocal cords and theatrical voice lessons along the way were helpful. That taught me to speak from the grounded place deep inside of me…not my neck which so many people do if you listen to them speak.

Breathing and presence are also big parts of this vocal tone puzzle.

I voice a lot of work from having spent years as the voice of a large municipal cable system to narration and storytelling for my writing and digital media work. I love contemplating voice.

As an adult, I’ve noticed how much voice has affected how I handle life around me – good and bad.

I recoil from certain kinds of verbal delivery and, at the same time, I reach out to people who deliver sweetly and softly. It’s the damnedest thing.

Listen to how people speak. You can often feel what they feel in the space their words fill up. I can fall in love with moments based on how a person speaks to me. Simplicity, thoughtfulness, gentle regard…kindness in how you speak make space for love.

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