You Are Worth It

I wonder if more people than imaginable walk around feeling they aren’t worth the effort.

How devastating.

People who don’t feel good about themselves – deep down – stand out to me when they distance, shame, minimize, and hurl insults.  They might not think that’s what is happening, but isn’t it?  They might just be able to ignore it with tactics to distance from their own feelings.

Even when you know how to center, you can still find it hard not to be contaminated by toxic behaviors around you.

When someone shuns kind heartfelt ideas that focus on preserving and protecting human dignity – I wonder how fragile their ego is.

Does diverting attention away from the dignity of a human being in favor of power, money, and the mirage of popularity – actually help them build a better life?  Or, does it become a tragic one because they live in a win-lose world in their mind walking around every day white-knuckling self-esteem?

I think the reason it’s tough to see it that way is because with money and power come more opportunities to insulate yourself from the essence of your humanness.

I’m curious about whether they’ve felt seen throughout their lives the way they deserve to be seen.

It becomes a difficult mountain to climb when you require a life that gives your heart space – to know how to cope with those who reduce it’s value by building and safeguarding the rational and clinical around them as a kind of fortress.

I’ve drawn the conclusion we need more and better tools to bridge the language barrier between the heart and the head and those who numb out some or all of it.

Here is the operative question:

Can a person accept good stuff – if they don’t know how to recognize it when it’s offered?

It seems like the difference between scarcity and living in abundance.