You Go Do You

When people mistake having no boundaries with some type of higher order accepting love, it gives me pause. I had a friend tell me this recently. This person means a great deal to me and basically spelled it out for me.  ..that they will accept someone even with the most profound faults they could have – in essence – unconditional love – because that’s who they are.


But, what is left of you then? Who ARE you then?

When does the sacrificing of all you stand for – your values, your spirit, what you show as worthwhile by the thoughtful life YOU have managed to live get crushed by others who get to just do whatever they want knowing they can ‘nice’ you into compliance for their ego needs.

You adjust, deal, cope, crumble under the weight of your – what I think is misguided allegiance to the warped twisting of these two words…unconditional love.

Boundaries don’t make you selfish. Boundaries don’t make you mean, rude, or hurtful. Boundaries makes you you. Without boundaries – you lose you.

If you are not careful – you become a beacon of the light or darkness of others. Often the most sapping among us, sport the most seemingly innocent charm.

Where does your light live? It lives in the protected space of your heart. It’s your joy and your love protected by you and your boundaries.

Do you hate people who smash the good things around us? No. Hate is not useful.

Do you hurt them back for smashing the good things around us? No. Revenge has no end.

You stay curious.

You stay mindful.

You stay kind.

You be assertive.


you pay attention.

The outcomes these five short sentences provide you offer you information you need to help you move forward.

Go in peace…